Friday, October 28, 2011

"Good news everybody!"

Greetings once again all the visitors to the blogoshere.  In the words of Professor Farnsworth of "Futurama" I have good news everybody.  Though this is actually good news, it isn't always when he does it. I've recently listed this blog with They're one of the largest blog directories out there.

They have millions of people a day coming it to peruse the blogs listed on there. So I'm hoping that will help drive some more readers to this site.  Not that I don't appreciate the ones I currently have. I definitely do, however this is one of those cases where more is better

So with that said I hope to be greeting even more of you on a more regular basis as this moves forward.  As always feel free to comment with your thoughts. Follow the blog using the button on here as well as on Facebook and share with your friends anyway you feel moved to do so.  Til next time thanks for coming by.

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